What to do when you’re NEW: Introduction

What to do when you’re NEW!

For United Methodists the end of June and early July are the time of the great itinerant preacher migration. We pick up our bed rolls, pack up our camels, and pitch tent with a new village of people.

Many pastors will make a great beginning, while others will make significant blunders from which they may never recover completely.   If you find yourself looking out at new faces in the first week in July, here are some things you can do to improve your chances of staying and enjoying a long happy successful pastorate.

This series of articles is designed to get you off to a good start. You don’t have to be a United Methodist in the midst of moving season. Any time you accept a new church position, a new job, take on a new responsibility, you will find some counsel here that may guide you to success.

Good Luck!