What is TEOLIS

TEOLIS is an acronym for “The Essence of Life is Spirit”, which reminds us that life is a spiritual journey. Sometimes we are so caught up in the material, financial, and social aspects of life we forget this truth. The most important things are not the things we worry most about.

The logo we have adopted for TEOLIS is that of a sail boat being driven by the sun, wind and tides. Think of a sail boat for a moment. It cannot propel itself. The wind and the tides provide the energy that moves it forward. The wind and the tide can also destroy it in different ways if we don’t make the effort to take control of the boat. But we can harness the winds and the tide. By positioning the sails and rudder, the captain can use the winds and the tides to move the boat where it needs to go. The larger the boat, the more hands it takes to set the sails and steer the boat.

In our logo the tides are Trinitarian and the wind is the encircling power of our creator, symbolized by the blazing sun. Surging with the energy of divine power, the sail boat is launched forward into a new and exciting future.

One of the most ancient symbols for the church is the sailing ship. The symbolism of the ship is manifold. The ship moves at the spirit of the wind, the Holy Spirit of God. All the people on board travel together, their fate is linked by the sturdiness of the ship and the wisdom of its captain.

For TEOLIS the symbol of the ship as church is central. The captain must carefully plot a course for the ship. There are storms, treacherous reefs, channels with dangerous tides, and the pull of the moon which drives the harbor tides daily. Using the changing tides, the prevailing winds, and choosing the right sails for the winds, will make a huge difference in the ship’s ability to make headway to its destination.

There are so many churches today that are foundering against strong tides, being driven by the winds into leeward shores, and the future is perilous for these churches. The church must have a destination, the pastor must plot the course, the membership must trim the sails, or the ship will not make a safe passage.

It is the purpose of TEOLIS is:
to help churches move forward (harness the winds and tides)
to help pastors learn new ways to lead their churches (plot a course and be the captain)
to help members learn new ways to support their pastors and help their churches grow
(become the crew that works together as a unit)

How can TEOLIS help your church?